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Our people’s dedication and excellence
elevate the company

People of AirBoss

AirBoss employees are diverse and dedicated, operating with the highest levels of integrity, focus, and transparency

At AirBoss of America, our commitment to excellence starts with our people. We’re nothing without the skills and insights they bring to the table. The dedication of the creators, innovators, and developers across our organization make us an industry leader. Our people are some of the best in the business.

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Meet Stella

AirBoss Employee: Oluchi Stella Okorie


Innovation through Collaboration

Our employees connect and collaborate with one another to develop great ideas across all AirBoss subsidiaries. Through our network of knowledge and resources, those great ideas become innovative solutions. Whether saving lives, enabling first responders, or developing the newest technology in automotive comfort, our teams are setting industry standards.

Teamwork @ airboss
People of airboss working on the floor


Excelling across industries

We empower our employees to create, innovate, and develop. AirBoss understands that where we are today is not where we will be tomorrow, so we’re always looking towards the future. The capabilities of our employees, combined with a shared focus to make the world a better place, have made us a leader in rubber manufacturing and compounding.


Leading through science
and discovery

We invest in research and development of the latest science and technology, all with one thing in mind: to better our world. Our investments in research have enabled us to solve problems quickly, from creating a smoother car ride to equipping first responders with much needed personal protective gear during a pandemic.

AirBoss science and discovery

Employees are our most essential asset at AirBoss of America. Through the collaborative efforts of our teams, we make a difference in the lives of defense groups, first responders, and everyday consumers.


“Without the right people you have nothing.”

-Gren Schoch


From new employees to seasoned AirBoss veterans, our employees have made AirBoss of America an industry leader. Through the research and development of new sciences and technologies, our employees are empowered to make advances that could change the world.

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Meet Sue

AirBoss Employee: Susan Starr