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AirBoss of America Corp. is a manufacturer of innovative survivability solutions, personal protective equipment (PPE), and advanced custom rubber compounds in facilities across North America.

We started as a simple, small-scale manufacturer of puncture-proof tires, and we’ve spent the last 30 years growing, expanding our product lines, and building more facilities to meet our customers’ demands. Today, we have over 1,200 employees across several AirBoss divisions, and we’re still finding ways to improve our service.

But unlike other companies in this industry, we look beyond our internal processes and consider other ways our business can be of help to local communities. If you’re unfamiliar with how AirBoss gets hands-on with communities just like yours, read on!

local car show
local bike race

AirBoss Community Outreach

Support is a two-way street at AirBoss. We’re supported by the communities we call home, and we support them in return.

Any company the size of ours will create jobs and economic opportunities for growing communities. That’s a given. But we take things a step further with deep commitments to environmental sustainability, community outreach, and corporate sponsorships that help us connect to those around us.

Consider the growth and progress of Scotland Neck, North Carolina, a town of 1,900 residents and home to one of our premier AirBoss manufacturing centers since 2005. We spoke with a local representative on the role that AirBoss has in this community. She is Ms. Nancy Winslow, President of the Scotland Neck Business Association.

Ms. Winslow explained, “We’re a small town, and most small towns don’t have a manufacturing plant inside their town limits. We’re very fortunate to have [AirBoss].”

AirBoss is a proud sponsor of many ongoing community events in Scotland Neck, including an annual car show, community bike races, downtown markets to support local shopping, and a yearly Christmas parade.

As a corporate sponsor for these events, we love getting hands-on and learning more about local residents helping us better understand the community, and ensuring our presence is always supportive of the Scotland Neck residents.

“They contribute to the economic development of the town—as well as employment—which is nice,” says Winslow.

We’re driven by these events and try to build our reputation in this town. We’re always looking for new ways to get involved. We’ve held events at the Scotland Neck senior center and the local library to reach those residents who may be unable to attend bigger community events.

Additionally, we’ve made it an ongoing goal to attend meetings with Chamber of Commerce members, community leaders, and local government to brainstorm different ideas for improving the area.


Unwavering Commitment to the Environment

As a manufacturing-focused company, environmental sustainability is a top focus for us—both in Scotland Neck and beyond.

“We maintain strict environmental guidelines to keep the area clean from any kind of issue,” notes Ms. Luanne Sitterly, HR Office and Administrative Coordinator for AirBoss of America Corp.

We’re always working to improve our environmental stewardship and ensure that everything we do aligns with our corporate sustainability policy for environmental and social governance. This is a mission that everyone in our company takes to heart.

Our commitment to support the town’s residents applies to our internal team management policies as well as our environmental policies. We’re a family at AirBoss and are always looking for ways to support our teams.

“We gather as a family to help our own people. We try to support others with fundraisers and other community resources,” says Sitterly.

AirBoss: What Does the Future Hold?

AirBoss rose to prominence on the three pillars of manufacturing: quality, community support, and environmental sustainability.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, but our work isn’t finished. Keep an eye out for future events and opportunities sponsored by the AirBoss team. As long as we can continue to grow, create value, and help our communities thrive, there’s no end in sight to what we can do.

“We’re not just happy. We’re lucky to have [AirBoss] here,” says Winslow.