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It’s been a while since AirBoss has been a single-facility company. Years in the rubber industry turned into decades, and over time, AirBoss has become a multi-faceted, industry-leading rubber innovator with offices throughout Canada and the United States.

Tiffany Mulkey does on a micro scale what the company did on a macro scale: she creates order within a complex system. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to tie Tiffany down to one single responsibility because she’s a Jill-of-all-trades when it comes to office management at the Rock Hill, South Carolina facility.

“I do a lot of different things. I do everything and anything that needs to be done,” she says. “Which is what keeps it interesting. It’s what I really like.” Tiffany was part of the Ace Elastomers team before AirBoss acquired the company in 2021. She’s convinced that the transition to a larger company has helped sharpen her skills.

AirBoss’s Office Manager Tiffany Mulkey

A Little Bit of Everything Goes a Long Way at AirBoss

Tiffany is like many who either started fresh at AirBoss or came aboard with an experienced team of professionals. She’s learned that employees who catch on quickly and master many crafts leads to success for everyone—the company, its employees, and its customers.

“I do payroll, I help with hiring, benefits. I manage some customers. I help with collections. I do the bank deposits.” She seems happy to list a handful of her day-to-day responsibilities. When asked why her role within the company is so important, Tiffany explains that being able do so many crucial things for AirBoss makes her someone who customers and employees trust.

“It’s nice to have people within the business who know multiple areas. It’s easier for people to have one point of contact if they need to ask about two or three different things.”

She also admits that having come from a smaller team—and still working with many of the same people—makes it easy to get along with her co-workers and work together toward shared goals.

“I’ve been here long-term. Our GM has been here since day one, so twenty-five years. Our last supervisor had been here for twenty-five years. Our production supervisor and some of our floor employees have been here for twenty-plus years,” she explains. It was only recently that AirBoss brought the Ace Elastomers crew into the family, but to Tiffany, it feels like very little has changed in their operations.

“I’ve pretty much done every role in the seventeen years I’ve been here, and I’ve moved as needed wherever they needed me. I feel like I haven’t changed positions now that we’re part of AirBoss, and I definitely appreciate that.”

AirBoss’s Office Manager Tiffany Mulkey

Helping People is Tiffany’s Passion

Her ability to master multiple tasks in the office is invaluable at AirBoss, but it’s working directly with people that Tiffany finds most fulfilling.

Child practicing archeryWhen we asked what’s most rewarding about her role, she said, “The thing I enjoy most is the HR part of my job. It’s being able to help people, whether I help them understand their benefits better or help with family issues or whatever they may need. The needs vary, it seems, daily and hourly. I like to reach out to them and help in any way they need.

“Also, I’ve built some pretty good relationships over the years working with customers,” she says. “It’s nice to have an active role and do some of the customer service side of things.

“Basically, anything to help. I think at my core, I’m a helper.”

When Tiffany isn’t at AirBoss, she enjoys time with her family and looks forward to the start of her son’s archery season.

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