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AirBoss of America and its subsidiaries produce high-quality rubber products and customized rubber compounds from sources in Canada and the United States. We’re proud of our local manufacturing capabilities, and our rubber specialists continue to find ways to innovate and create lasting impacts.

Local manufacturing success is about a lot more than jobs. AirBoss employs over 1200 people in Canada and the US. Company-wide, we improve the quality of life for our employees and try to create a positive influence on the cities, countries, and industries where we work.

AirBoss and AirBoss companies regularly engage with local charities while striving to create safer, more environmentally-friendly rubber compounds and supplying state-of-the-art healthcare and defense solutions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this meant ramping up production in a number of our manufacturing plants to meet local PPE demands when supply lines were stressed.

We’re able to do this with a focus on corporate social responsibility and through partnerships with industry leaders and innovators. As a result, the steps we take and the products and compounds we create contribute to a safer, stronger North America.

The Importance of Local Manufacturing

Manufacturing was responsible for almost $750 billion in total revenue in Canada in 2019. That same year, manufacturing amounted to 11% of GDP in the United States. Needless to say, it’s a large industry with many moving parts.

It’s these moving parts—the systems, factories, and workers that power them—that benefit from local manufacturing jobs and revenues.

Unfortunately, those benefits are not felt locally when companies move manufacturing overseas. That’s why companies like AirBoss focus so adamantly on local manufacturing.

Everything from gainful employment to improved social programs, infrastructures, and amenities result from local manufacturing. Manufacturing supports local and global economies by serving as hubs around which communities and cities can flourish and grow.

Local manufacturing benefits include:

  • Job opportunities and security
  • Local service and adaptability
  • Sustainability
  • Greater control
  • Reduced supply chain costs
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Lower per-unit cost
  • Collaboration flexibility
  • Improved quality of life
  • And more

The main reason that companies shy away from manufacturing locally is the belief that it will cost them more. They fail to factor in the negative impacts of manufacturing outside the country.

“A lot of temptation to outsource to low-cost countries has to do with the wages that you pay,” says AirBoss President and COO Chris Bitsakakis. “What we’re doing is becoming a lot more sophisticated in understanding the total cost, . . .[and] we factor in all the elements to make a better decision.”

That better decision is to manufacture locally and support local communities and economies.

AirBoss Serves Defense and Healthcare Sectors During Pandemic

AirBoss—and more specifically AirBoss Defense Group—serves the defense and healthcare sectors in the United States and Canada. We have facilities in both countries and, therefore, the ability to act quickly and efficiently. This makes it easier to supply invaluable personal protective equipment (PPE) when called upon during a global pandemic.

Locally Manufactured PPE

When local governments needed PPE, and offshore manufacturers couldn’t deliver in time, AirBoss answered the call.

Our ability to manufacture and deliver quickly—because of close facility proximity—proved beneficial. Both the AirBoss ISO-POD (a negative-pressure patient isolation unit designed for patient transport in high-contamination environments) and the AirBoss Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) System were advantageous to healthcare workers in 2020.

“We’re grateful to AirBoss for this donation during the ongoing pandemic” said Gord McEachen, Chief of Toronto Paramedic Services in response to AirBoss donating five ISO-POD units. “If required, these ISO-POD units can transport patients infected with any highly contagious disease, including COVID-19, in total isolation while ensuring the safety of our paramedics and other frontline healthcare workers.”

Offshore manufacturing is impractical, expensive, and unreliable at best. At its worst, offshore manufacturing can spell disaster when healthcare institutions need things like PPE and defense equipment.

“All of our locations have been essential workplaces,” says Morris Eddy, Vice President of Human Resources at AirBoss. “Looking back on it in hindsight, we’re fortunate we have that status, because we’ve been able to maintain people’s income and livelihood.”

Being able to serve local communities and contribute directly to national safety efforts and PPE creation instills a great sense of pride felt by employees and management alike.

“People are recognizing,” continues Eddy, “that they’re a part of a bigger organization that’s really making a significant contribution.”

Local Manufacturing Fosters National Innovation

Another reason why local manufacturing helps to build a safer, stronger North America is the continued innovation and progress present on the manufacturing floor.

It’s the ideas, products, and systems that local manufacturers like AirBoss provide that fuel an ever-growing North American economy. Companies are able to improve processes and adopt new technologies with more efficiency when these processes and technologies are available locally. This lowers costs for local consumers.

According to an investigation by HuffPost, the reason prices are higher in Canada for a number of goods is because manufacturers believe Canadians are willing to pay more. Why are Canadians willing to pay more? Because Canadians think things are just more expensive in Canada. That’s due, in large part, to offshore manufacturing.

Manufacturing innovation provides local economic boosts and bolsters the growth of the two nations when quality goods are made in Canada and made in America.

AirBoss Has Factories in Canada and the
United States

When we talk about local manufacturing we mean here in Canada and across the border in the United States. AirBoss and its subsidiaries cultivate local manufacturing success through our multiple locations:

Newmarket, Ontario
AirBoss of America corporate headquarters.

Kitchener, Ontario
AirBoss Rubber Solutions head office.

Acton Vale, Quebec
AirBoss Defense Group facilities.

Landover, Maryland
AirBoss Defense Group facilities.

Auburn Hills, Michigan
Home of AirBoss Engineered Products.

Scottland Neck, North Carolina
Airboss Rubber Solutions facilities.

Want to support local manufacturing and find gainful employment? Become part of the AirBoss team and join a growing roster of rubber specialists and innovation seekers. We think people are our most important asset, which is why we invest in training, leadership opportunities, and structured career advancement programs.

But our commitment to local success doesn’t stop at employment. Employees have access to benefits programs, educational resources, and support systems designed to keep them physically and mentally healthy and happy. We believe that’s what local manufacturing success—and a safer, stronger North America—are all about.