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Agile innovation in
an ever-changing world

Innovation at AirBoss

Step One: Building for a better world

We understand that innovation waits for no one. It’s what customers demand. That’s why we choose to lead the charge in creating and cultivating advances in compounding science and rubber application technology.

AirBoss of America Corp. encourages outside-the-box thinking in employees and production partners alike. Our goal is to inspire leaps forward in fundamental rubber application processes and help create state-of-the-art solutions to modern defense, industrial, transportation, and safety challenges.


Equal parts intelligence
and imagination

AirBoss promotes innovation from the ground up. As a result, our team of engineers and scientists understand that there’s no progress without bold, progressive thinking. Inspired ideas provide invaluable insights. These insights, when paired with our tried-and-trusted rubber manufacturing practices, put us on the cutting edge of the industry. We like to take well-calculated risks, and our customers enjoy the rewards.


This company-wide stimulation to pursue exploratory work has led AirBoss down exciting paths towards things like conductive and heat-resistant rubber technologies never before realized. Anything is possible when you’re not afraid to take chances in the pursuit of exciting new opportunities.

When you’re not afraid to make mistakes in the pursuit
of bold new worlds, anything is possible.

Using Big Data to Drive Innovation

Decades of rubber production and innovation gives AirBoss an advantage when it comes to streamlining the creative development process. Big-picture big data collection from years of mixing and compounding make it easy to provide personal, professional insights you can rely on.

We work with industry leaders, educational institutions, and design companies to formulate, test, refine, and apply high-quality rubber innovations around the world.