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Frank Ientile

AirBoss of America Corp. has appointed its new CFO, Frank Ientile

Frank brings 30 years of senior financial management experience to the table. Frank’s skill set will help leverage AirBoss of America Corp. structure and continue the drive to ensure that there is operational excellence while increasing shareholder value.

Airboss has a very diversified portfolio, from the rubber compounding side to defense and engineered products; all factors in advancing AirBoss to striving to be the best in class in the sectors and markets it performs in. This is not a process that happens overnight – it means looking at the growth strategy and being able to leverage that on a global scale to drive the value and create opportunities. From a financial perspective, to ensure excellence is to make certain there is credibility in the numbers and there is governance and transparency. Most importantly, solidifying the partnership between finance and operations to help drive growth, profitability, and creating value for the organization.

As the new CFO, Frank hopes to bring solutions to some of the challenges to create a more precise workflow. One example would be adapting to rapidly evolving technology by controlling the data management and looking at systems migrations to leverage one platform to provide real-time data, so AirBoss can be proactive in their operational decision makings.

Frank is a firm believer of following your passion and when he takes on a new role you can be sure that he is passionate about it. Frank is excited to be working at AirBoss of America Corp – he proudly wears the company logo on his sleeve and his passion is what will drive his success. He notes that being persistent and resilient through times of failures and challenges will show true strength and will lead to triumph.

With a great understanding of AirBoss’s vision and mission, Frank is confident that his passion will successfully integrate with the organization’s values. He believes in being transparent and having an open dialogue to communicate that the employees are AirBoss’ greatest asset and are vital to the organization’s success. “We must be very proactive and open to the discussion with our people whether it’s recommendations for change, addressing issues, or identifying opportunities as we continue to grow,” said Ientile. “We must also be sure to have fun in environments that are fast paced to ensure our employees are less stressed, more productive, and more engaged resulting in driven success and employee retention.”