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Mary Mason’s role as Human Recourses Coordinator is to be the liaison between employees and the Human Resources management team; a role that provides her the ability to make connections across the different AirBoss locations, and the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on employee careers. During her time at AirBoss of America Corp., Mary has learned that there will be moments where situations will change quickly, so being able to adapt to these changes is an imperative skill and having strong leadership is critical to the trust of employees.

The most memorable experience for Mary at AirBoss was facilitating a team building program with the Human Resource Director at a local arcade for a team that was selected to drive layout changes to their facility. It was fun for Mary to see the employees connect and bond over arcade games.

Mary Mason
Mary Mason Escape Room

As part of an internationally accomplished Escape Room team, Mary is very skilled at solving technical puzzles, and with her engineering partner, solves the mathematics and logic puzzles in the games. Mary’s team has completed escape rooms in both the U.S. and Canada and has escaped 17 rooms out of 18 attempted; Escape the Tower at Casa Loma in Toronto was the game that broke their winning streak.

The competitive edge carries over to Mary’s horse-riding career. She was a very successful equestrian on Michigan’s hunter-jumper circuit. Although she does not compete as often now, Mary does ride a couple of times a week and loves to spoil her horses. Her admiration for animals does not stop there, Mary is a member of the Detroit Zoo and loves to visit aquariums. She enjoys going on road trips to various zoos with her friends and cherishes the time spent with them.