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AirBoss of America is the umbrella under which the company’s subsidiaries operate. The original, single-focused entity—with a foundation in rubber mixing and compounding—is now a multi-faceted, global industry leader in rubber molding, custom compound creation, and advanced product design.

AirBoss Rubber Solutions, AirBoss Engineered Products, and AirBoss Defense Group are the three pillars that support AirBoss’s worldwide rubber enterprise. Each division focuses on different areas of expertise while it supports the overarching vision of process improvement and innovation.

One of these pillars—AirBoss Defense Group—is a newer addition, but the principles, products, and aspirations guiding the division are legacy.

ADG Provides Everyday Essentials Where They’re Needed Most

AirBoss Defense Group (ADG) was officially created in 2020, combining AirBoss’ existing defense business with Critical Solutions International. Accordingly, AirBoss has been designing, creating, and supplying healthcare and defense products to customers around the world for years.

As such, ADG’s ability to develop a diverse portfolio of solutions for healthcare and defense clients is unmatched.

ADG’s facilities in Quebec, New York, South Carolina, and Maryland serve clients around the globe. They are supported by AirBoss’s research and development engineers and have a process efficiency that comes from decades of manufacturing success.

Governments, private healthcare providers, security firms, and a wide spectrum of in-between operators rely on AirBoss Defense Group for everyday essentials.

AirBoss Defense Group Defense


ADG equips and trains the world’s most advanced militaries and defense forces. The company’s focus on scenario-specific requirements allows ADG to deliver best-in-class protection to forces that confront ever-evolving threats.

ADG works with operators to design high-quality solutions and deliver battle-ready equipment that includes:

ADG’s chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) products are NATO-approved solutions that are deployed with operators the world over. CBRN products like molded lightweight (MALO) overboots, molded gloves, respirators, and filtration systems help military personnel safely do their jobs.

AirBoss Defense Group healthcare


ADG is a global leader in respiratory protective equipment with decades of experience protecting healthcare workers with the Department of Defense, Department of State, FEMA, the CDC, and private companies worldwide. As a result, AirBoss Defense Group’s line of healthcare products is trusted by medical professionals around the world.

Advanced respiratory protection solutions, including the FlexAir powered air-purifying system (PAPR) were invaluable to healthcare workers as COVID-19 advanced. Similarly, ADG’s manufacturing efficiency and wide-reaching supply chain were crucial when governments in the United States and Canada needed personal protective equipment (PPE) quickly and in large quantities.

ADG continues to work with medical providers and healthcare innovators to design solutions that are the first and best option for frontline workers.

AirBoss Defense Group Security


The range of evolving threats that face site security, law enforcement, and first response personnel requires tailorable, integrated system solutions for a breadth of mission sets and operating conditions.

ADG works with security offices and agencies at a local, state, and federal level to help equip stability and response units worldwide.

AirBoss Defense Group supplies special tactics equipment, respiratory protection, and shelter systems to security operators in many specialized scenarios. What’s more, ADG’s defense and security experts provide tactical and efficiency training to ensure equipment is the last thing an operator needs to worry about in the field.

AirBoss Defense Group Has Room to Grow

The products and practices that fuel ADG’s success run deep. AirBoss has long been a company that prides itself in being the best at what it does, from custom rubber compounding to precision rubber molding to advanced product development.

While our line of legacy products—like the CBRN gloves and boots and our respiratory protection systems—continues to serve specialized industries, our material scientists are always hard at work to discover new ways to solve evolving healthcare and defense challenges.

This legacy mentality puts AirBoss Defense Group in a unique position. In an era of economic uncertainty, ADG is primed to provide high-quality solutions to the military, healthcare, and defense clients that need them most.