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It’s no surprise that AirBoss employees strive to be responsible, attentive masters of their crafts. These individuals, from the manufacturing up to senior management, floor understand that their role within the company is an important one, and it would be hard to find someone who doesn’t take pride in his or her work.

AirBoss has long been a company that tries to push the limits in terms of process improvement, production efficiency, and local manufacturing success, and it’s people like Production Supervisor Faheem Finney who keep people working toward these shared goals.

AirBoss production supervisor Faheem Finney

More than Two Decades of learning Skills, From the Warehouse to the Manufacturing Floor

Faheem doesn’t embellish his role or exaggerate his responsibilities at AirBoss. Instead, he speaks plainly about what makes his job an important one.

“I make sure the floor is running right, that production is being done,” Faheem offers. “We have to make sure we get the product out and that it’s done safely,” he adds. “That’s my main priority— to make sure the product goes out, the quality is good, and it’s all done safely.”

Faheem was Master Scheduler for the Scotland Neck, North Carolina facility before he was promoted to Production Supervisor. Before that, he worked in a few other open positions at AirBoss and even worked in rubber production for another company before he joined the AirBoss team.

Faheem’s combination of skills, learned over more than two decades in rubber, make him an ideal person to oversee production.

“I’ve been here for seventeen years now,” he says and explains that before his time at AirBoss, he worked for a similar company within the rubber industry. He remembers that he found an AirBoss opening at a local job fair and became one of sixteen new AirBoss employees who went to Canada for training.

“I was in shipping and receiving when we first opened up, and a position as a cell leader was available on the floor after that. My supervisor thought I’d done all I could in the warehouse and needed me to move up to production to help out. So, I took on the cell leader job.”

Faheem learned the ropes and became an expert in his cell leader position, which elevated him to a supervisor role for a while. He moved into a scheduling position when he was needed there and stayed for a few years before his promotion to Production Supervisor.

“The plant manager, again, told me he needed me back in production, so I came back to production,” Faheem says candidly. “I learned a lot, having dealt with rubber in my previous job. Since I’ve been with AirBoss, I’ve learned even more. I really like working with rubber.”

“I like production more,” Faheem says when asked which position he prefers. He mentions that while scheduling was fulfilling, it was also a lot of desk work. “I like to be out on the floor helping the guys out.”

AirBoss production supervisor Faheem Finney

Faheem is Happy and Comfortable at AirBoss

Faheem is one of many AirBoss long-timers who have grown to call AirBoss home in more ways than one. He’s comfortable working with rubber, happy to be continuously challenged, and loves to improve production goals month after month.

“The most important thing I like to see at the end of the month is that we achieved the numbers we pushed to achieve,” Faheem says. Ultimately, meeting those goals reflects well on him, his team, and everyone else who forms an essential link in the AirBoss production chain. “If our customers keep coming back, we know we’ve done our job.”

Faheem is comfortable wherever he is at AirBoss, whether that’s in an office or on the floor, and he’s currently training to move into a Production Manager position.

“I’m at work mostly all the time,” he jokes when asked what he likes to do when he’s not at AirBoss. “Mostly I watch sports when I’m not here, but I’m here ten to twelve hours a day,” he says with satisfaction. He’s happy doing this work, and he’s proud to contribute to AirBoss’s compounds, products, and customer satisfaction.

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